Friday - February 23, 2024

My Instant Pop-Up

MyInstantPop-Up Is the Answer to All Your Lead Capture Challenges!

With other Pop Up email capture tools you have limitations that you won’t have with MyInstantPopUp:

  • Many similar WordPress tools conflict with other plugins, MyInstantPopUp has tested with any WordPress Plugin you might be using and no issues have been found.
  • You can use MyInstantPopUp with ANY autoresponder!
  • You can customize the PopUp window completely by using MyInstantPopUp html and visual editors.
  • You can even stop harassing customers once they subscribe or after a preset amount of reminders.
Features: Free Version Pro Version
Create/Edit Pop-Up’s Contents in HTML
Define Pop-Up’s Width & Height
Define Pop-Up’s Border Width
Define Pop-Up’s Border Color
Define Pop-Up’s Background Color
Option to Display Only On the Home Page
Works with Any Auto-Responder Service
Compatible with All Other Plugins We’ve Tested
Control Seconds of Delay Before Displaying Pop-Up  
Set Days of Delay Before Displaying Pop-Up Again  
Set Maximum Times to Display Pop-Up  
Give Your Visitors the Choice: “Don’t Show This Again”  
Option to Remove “Powered By” Link  
Stop Pop-Up Display for Subscribed Visitors  
Create/Edit Pop-Up’s Contents in Visual WYSIWYG Editor  
Select from the drop-down below the number of site licenses you’d like to purchase.
Note: Each license of My Instant Pop-up will work on only 1 domain.


If you require more than 10 licenses, please contact us for a volume discount.