Friday - April 19, 2024

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What Is MyInstantTheme For Business?

MyInstantTheme For Business is a fully customizable and configurable WordPress theme. Designed from the ground up to help make your WordPress site look and succeed amazingly!

Simple And Fast
Easy to setup and get started! Point and click admin settings get the look and features you want fast!

Completely Customizable
Change Colors, Fonts, Headers, Navigation, Widgets and More!

Presets and Settings
Save custom designs, presets and settings that can be deployed immediately to other MyInstantTheme For Business sites! Autosaves your work so no settings are ever lost!

BuddyPress Compatible
Start a community with built in features that makes use of the popular BuddyPress plugin!

Optimized and Fast!
Built and tuned for speed! Makes use of the greatest speed and optimization techniques to boost your high traffic site!

Higher Visitor Engagement
Statistically less bounce rate, higher page views, improved sales over other WordPress themes!

Social Netoworking
Built in features for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more!

Free Support and Upgrades!
Constant new features and upgrades! Along with free support through our help desk!

MyInstantTheme For Business is available for a Single Site (1 Domain) License.
Please Select Below How Many Licenses You’d Like To Purchase.

Note: Each license of MyInstantTheme For Business will work on only 1 domain.


Need more than 10 licenses? No problen!
We have a great volume discount and can accomodate any requirements! Please contact us.