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WordPress Site - Powered By MyInstantTheme - For Business
WordPress Site - Powered By MyInstantTheme - For Business



BoomerCo Inc. is a publishing company specializing in:

  • Publishing multiple websites targetted for the Baby Boomer audience.

  • Training entrepreneurs how to successfully build their online businesses using WordPress blog websites to rapidly gain traffic, build relationships with their customers and gain a strong ROI.

  • Build custom, high-end, turnkey websites for our clients in order to quickly achieve their goals.

  • Produce highly refined WordPress Plugins and Themes to push the envelope of ease and functionality for our clients .

Domain name is an easy-to-remember address that can be translated by DNS into server's IP address. Domain names are hierarchical. Domain's suffix indicates which TLD (top level domain) it belongs to, for example .com, .gov, .org, .net, or .jp. Recently ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) added several new TLDs, like .biz, .pro., and .museum.