Friday - February 23, 2024

What Is MyInstantBlog?

MyInstantBlog is a website devoted to building some of the best WordPress blogs on the planet.

BoomerCo Inc. developed this site, and the series of WordPress blog tools available here, to satisfy their own needs in publishing high-end, successful WordPress blogs for ourselves and our clients.

We figured that if “we” were unable to find the advanced features we wanted in order to achieve the level of monetization we expected from our blogs, then we needed to create these feature ourselves and make them available to everyone.

So, that is exactly what we are doing!

We are creating new WordPress CMS/blog plugins that will:

  • Improve search engine ranking and result in more traffic.
  • Capture more targeted opt-in subscribers to your mailing list.
  • Display laser-targeted information & offers on pages and posts to increase sales conversions.
  • Provide easy to get definitions & pop-up offers for reader satisfaction and more sales.
  • Track key metrics of which links get clicked, where they were clicked, where they went, and when each occurred.
  • Populate your pages & posts with existing content with fine-tuned translations translating imported content to the exact categorization you chose.
  • Make it easy for bloggers to achieve complex marketing techniques with simple to use tools.
  • Improve the reader’s experience, and thus strengthens their customer loyalty, your overall relationship, and repeat visits.
  • Achieves extra benefits by using our cross-compatible tools in combination.
  • Provide affordable tools that are instantly available and provide high Return On Investment (ROI)