Friday - April 19, 2024


SPECIAL OFFER to Existing MyInstantTheme for Business Customers

Dear Customers of MyInstantTheme for Business,

As a Customer using MyInstantTheme for Business, I’m offering you the very first opportunity to experience our newest WordPress theme technology, and to let us quickly & painlessly transfer your existing site design into ThemeToolbox.

Right now, mobile website browsing accounts for over 40% of website traffic, and by 2015, mobile website browsing is poised to surpass desktop browsing as smartphones, tablets and hybrid devices continue to grow in popularity.

What does this mean for you? It’s critical that you reach your potential customers on their phones, or risk losing customers to your competitors.


After six months of intensive development, we proudly announce the pre-release of our new premium mobile-ready responsive WordPress theme called ThemeToolbox to existing customers only. This theme is a completely new product built from the ground up, but with a direct path to upgrade from MyInstantTheme for Business that lets you retain your existing website style and look.

Blazing Fast Performance from streamlined programming which reduced the size of our page code by thousands of lines of programming – about half the size of our older MyInstantTheme for Business and with much more functionality.

In fact, our test site scored 95/100 in Pingdom’s performance grade, making it faster than 92% of sites they’ve tested. This not only improves your reader’s experience, but also improving your Google Page Rank and traffic.

Performance Rating of 95/100!/duYHYb/

Here are some of the great new features available in ThemeToolbox:
  1. Contains the same style features that you’re already accustomed to in MyInstantTheme for Business.
  2. Automatically adjusts the page format of design and content based upon the screen size of the display device.
  3. This adaptive responsiveness always presents your content in the easiest format for reading.
  4. Content displays much like any phone app on mobile devices, and is compatible with major phone brands and browsers. Display even adjusts when rotating your device between vertical and horizontal orientation.
  5. New widget regions allow display of full-width content above/below page content and sidebars. See an example of a full width slideshow at
  6. Using a single responsive theme for both desktop and mobile browsing also maximizes search engine ranking.
  7. Comes with multiple professionally designed color palettes to allow quickly/easily launch new websites with high-end looks. We also plan to release additional preset designs in the near future for even more variety.
Sites we’ve recently built or converted to ThemeToolbox:
By ordering today, here’s what you get:
  • Early access to future-proof your websites for the coming tsunami of mobile traffic.
  • Preferred customer discount from the future public launch price.
  • Access to a private webinar for ThemeToolbox customers to explain how to use your new theme and to manage your website.
  • Ability to submit feature requests and support tickets before others even have access to this technology.
  • Future updates and improvements as they become available. Your feedback will also help us make ThemeToolbox even better for those paying full price at our public launch.
Get your mobile upgrade today for just a small one-time investment:

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Installation and training will be done during the next two weeks, and sites will be setup in the sequence they are purchased. So, take the leap to future-proof your site today!