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MyInstantVideo Beta Membership

Welcome MyInstantVideo Beta Members!

Thank You for your long-term willingness to:

  1. Invest your time and money in MyInstantVideo
  2. Provide feedback and results to constantly improve the product
  3. Participate in weekly brainstorming calls
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In addition to a highly discounted rate, we also gave you service for many extra months without further cost, and gave personal consulting advice to those participating in the weekly calls.

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We now have a worldclass product with a stable service that is ready for launch, and to reward you for your participation, I have prepared extra special renewal offers at the bottom of this page.

Reminder: What Is MyInstantVideo?

MyInstantVideo uses patented technology to help you dominate search engines results, while also building incredible engagement by giving your readers the ability to consume your content by either reading text, watching video or listening to audio.

Simply set your preference to manual or automatic, customize how your videos look & sound, and then we “automagically” convert any article into fully customized MP4 & AVI video files and MP3 audio files.

By submitting the resulting media files and RSS feeds to places like YouTube and iTunes, you can find multiple listings of your various media dominating the search results for your targeted keywords.

This happens because MyInstantVideo follows Google’s own handicap accessibility guidelines, which causes your WordPress website to be ranked higher within Google’s search results.

What MyInstantVideo Does For You

Improve Page Rank
Boost your website’s page rank by following Google’s own handicap accessibility guidelines.

Create Video/Audio Files
Automatically create custom AVI, MP4 and MP3 versions of any WordPress blog post.

Customized Branding
Show your "call to action" message either in front or end of each video.

Audio/Video Podcasts
Create RSS feeds for Text, Audio, Video and Multimedia for instant podcasts.

Dominate Search Engine
See multiple branded media files along with your regular links in Google search results.

Engage Your Visitors
Give your readers a multimedia experience with text, audio and video options for consuming your content.

Personalized Videos
Define your preferred background, typeface, font color, voice, music and more.

Preview and Tweak
Tweak preview videos repeatedly before finalizing AVI/MP4/MP3 media files.

Upload Media Files
Submit these MP4/MP3 media files and feeds directly to sites like YouTube and iTunes.

Use on Multiple Websites Affordably share your monthly conversion quota between multiple websites.


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Special Ongoing Beta-Only Pricing for MyInstantVideo Pro

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Monthly Subscription

30 Conversons Per Month (50% More Conversions Than Other Subscribers)
$95/Month ($3.17 Per Conversion)

Note: Each license will work on 1 domain name.

For multiple domains: First buy the above primary license,
then buy affordable [[[MyInstantBox-ExtraWebsites]]] and [[[MyInstantBox-ExtraConversions]]].

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