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Community Hub Sites

What Is A Community Hub Site?

Community Hub Sites are web sites that project the role of being an authority for a particular geographical location or virtual niche topic. They publish an impressive amount of useful content about their topic, and organize this content in an easy to navigate manner. This combination builds value for readers, causing incredible engagement and frequent returns.

  1. Local Community Hub Sites serve as a local online portal where both visitors and locals alike can easily find whatever they are looking for regarding a specific geographical area. These often contain a comprehensive directory of business listings for all local businesses, with lots of paid advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
    See example at:
  2. Virtual Community Hub Sites serve as expert authority portals for specific topics or niche areas of interest. These often include numerous articles from experts in the particular topic area, in addition to options for building private memberships areas.
    See example at: or
  3. Ultimate Community Hub Sites are the best of both worlds, with the ability to feature expert columnists, while also containing a directory of businesses for either a local community or viche topic.

Today, we are offering a small group of entrepreneurs
the ability to get your very own professionally designed
Ultimate Community Hub Site at a 30% discount.

What Will A Community Hub Site Do For Me?

Build Online Credibility
By owning a professionally built Hub Site you gain credibility with prospective businesses.

Custom Web Design
Get a highly polished and professional looking site done for you by award-winning professionals.

Dominate Search Engines
Our model Hub Site ranks and draws traffic on the keywords you want.

Engage Your Visitors
Ease of navigation and plentiful content will keep visitors longer and bring them back.

Private Social Network
Fully integrates BuddyPress for your own private social network with activities, friends and special interest groups.

New Profit Funnels
Bundle your existing services along with business listings, banner ads and sponsorships.

Joint Venture Magnet
Use your Hub Site to create new opportunities to JV with others in your location or niche.

Media Quality Website
Compete head-to-head with newspaper, TV and Radio sales reps for advertising dollars.

Integrated Toolset
Our high-powered tools work together as a system with both functionality and flexibility.

Built-In Exit Strategy
A fully built Hub Site with traffic, subscribers, advertisers and revenue becomes an asset you can sell.

What’s Included in My Community Hub Site?

  1. License to our latest WordPress theme technology, including integrated support for Multi-Site blogs and BuddyPress social networks
  2. Custom design of your site’s colors and styling using MyInstantTheme for Business
  3. Consulting on the selection of an appropriate domain name
  4. MANY premium WordPress plugins we’ve created for Community Hub Sites, including:
    • BloggingToolbox:
      • MyInstantPopup for lead capture
      • MyInstantGlossary for building deep internal links
      • MyInstantBox for creating library of pop-up information boxes
      • MyInstantWidget for full control of when to display widget content boxes
      • MyInstantRedirect for forwarding navigation links to other URLs
      • MyInstantCart for creating PayPal buttons and catalogs for ecommerce
      • MyInstantHelp for maintaining a full-service support ticket system
    • Other only available in Hub Sites:
      • MyInstantLink for framing external links and generating click reports
        for advertisers
      • MyInstantDirectory for displaying 3-levels of business directories:
        • Ultimate
        • Featured
        • Basic
      • MyInstantMember for featuring columnists and their articles
      • MyInstantEvents for publishing recording or documents
    • Premium plugin for importing articles from other websites via RSS
    • Premium plugin for selling and managing banner ads
  5. Database installed of all businesses in one local community
    [This can double as a lead database for sales]
  6. Everything installed, setup, configured and ready for you to operate.
  7. Training on how to use all of the above
  8. One-on-one sessions to plan your site’s goals, URL, design and implementation
  9. Membership in the group of Hub Site Owners which currently meet weekly with me and Gina Gaudio-Graves.


12-Part Training Webinar Series

You get access to a live, 12-part training webinar as we build a Community Hub Site from start to finish – and discuss the steps taken in order to make it a huge success.
This is a $300 value.


3 FREE Months of Premium WordPress Web Hosting

For a limited time, get three free months of web hosting from the same WordPress professionals who created all the tools used in your Community Hub Site. This guarantees full compatibility, and support by knowledgable professionals who undertand the entire system.
This is a $89.85 value.

(Only with Single Payment Plan)

6 Months Free Use of MyInstantVideo with Up To 20 Videos Each Month

MyInstantVideo uses patented technology to help you dominate search engines results, while also building incredible engagement by giving your readers the ability to consume your content by either reading text, watching video or listening to audio.
This is a $570 value.

Order Your Community Hub Site Now!


Community Hub Site with a Single Payment of $3,500
(Includes Bonuses #1 and #2 PLUS 6 FREE Months of MyInstantVideo)

[MyInstantCart-buy-now cart_option=”paypal” other_url=”” paypal=”” description=”Local Community Hub Site (First 20 Buyers)” price=”3500.00″ thankyou=”983″ cancel=”944″ capture_shipping=”1″ btn=”” target=”_blank” align=”center”]


Community Hub Site with Only 5 Monthly Payments of $750
(Includes Bonuses #1 and #2 Only)

[MyInstantCart-buy-now cart_option=”paypal” other_url=”” paypal=”” description=”Local Community Hub Site (First 20 Buyers)” price=”750.00″ thankyou=”983″ cancel=”944″ cancel=”944″ capture_shipping=”1″ cycles=”1″ cycle_period=”M” stop=”5″ btn=”” target=”_blank” align=”center”]


After the first six month, there is an optional $50/month fee to continue receiving software updates, new features and support.


To arrange for a private discussion with Steve Holmes to answer any questions,
or setup a personalized Hub Site and/or payment plan,
contact Steve Holmes directly at +1 (563) 823-8428 or


This term of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois, U.S.A.

Both parties are committing to perform their responsibilities to complete this entire project. As this project requires a great deal of front-loaded work by BoomerCo, Client agrees to make all payments in a timely manner, and there will be no refunds allowed. The rights to use concepts, writings, designs and web site prepared for this project are transferred to Client upon final payment.

The purchaser agrees to the conditions and terms set forth above. They represent and warrant that they have full corporate power and authority to execute and deliver this agreement and to perform their obligations herein, and that the persons are duly authorized to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the party of whom they represent.