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WordPress Safety Plan


Sign up today and get started immediately! We’ll help you monitor, secure and keep your WordPress site up to date. We also offer automated remote hosted backups, and Malware monitoring!


Monthly Per Site
Monthly Per Site
Monthly Per Site
WordPress Core Updates
Automatically keeps your site to the latest most stable version of WordPress. Keeping your site on the cutting edge of new features andsecurity updates!
WordPress Themes & Plugin Updates
Plugins and Themes are always changing, if not updated can some times lead security issues or compatibility problems on your site! Daily, your plugins and themes will be checked and updated to the latest versions automaticall!
SPAM Comment & Revision Clean Up
Spam comments and revisions can cause slowdowns and performance issues on your site, as well as increase your monthly bandwidth usage and hosting costs! Spam comments and old post revisions are cleared daily to keep your site running at peak efficiency!

Database Optimization
The WordPress database can get cluttered easily, especially on high traffic sites with many plugins! A daily database optimization will help to keep your site fast and stable!

Daily Security And Malware Scans
Daily scans for Malware, Code Injections and Security issues on your site!
Automatic Backups For Your WordPressSite, Core Files And Database.
Daily Remote offsite backups of your core WordPress files and Database. Never be without a backup again! (Stores 7 days of restorable daily backups.)
Backup Additional Folders and Media Files Outside Of The WordPress Core

Daily Remove offsite backups of both your WordPress Core Files, Database, and External Resources such as site root and directories. (Stores 7 days of restorable daily backups.)
Up Time Monitoring
Realtime monitoring of your site. Be notified immediately via Email or Text Message if your site goes down!
Performance Scans
Performance statistics of your site, traffic, page speed, etc..

Includes BloggingToolbox
Our premier suite of professional WordPress Plugins including:

  • MyInstantGlossary
  • MyInstantWidget
  • MyInstantPopup
  • MyInstantBox
  • MyInstantCart
  • MyInstantRedirect
  • MyInstantHelp
Additional Savings With Yearly Membership!
Yearly Per Site
($30 A Year Savings!)
Yearly Per Site
($50 A Year Savings!)
Yearly Per Site
($70 A Year Savings!)